Wednesday, 9 March 2011

February Review

Having crunched the numbers for my spending last month I find that I've spent £63.98 that I didn't need too and a further £25.00 for expenses that weren't budgeted for. The £63.98 relates totally to Internet purchases and that means £60.00 less going to pay off my Flexiloan in February which is not good news.
The £25.00 is for my mobile phone and wifi both are pay-as-you-go and well the wifi is used way more than the mobile - I really don't like mobile phones much. Am I the only weird person?
Blogging is my way of being accountable with my finances, so I feel I should be precise in what I want to achieve for this month.

Current Flexiloan balance is £2,852.22 and I would like to pay £1,440.00 by the end of March bring the balance of my total debt to £1,412.22.

Well that's the plan now I need to step out and "just do it"!
Be brave and be different!
Rock the flock and live like no one else!

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