Wednesday, 5 March 2014

All Change....and in debt once again!?

I wrote this last year but have had problems getting into my account and so have only just posted it today. Have lots to update on my blog now.

Well it's almost December and I have only posted once this year. I have been busy (but not that busy) and I have had all kinds of ups and downs this year. Things always seen to come along when you least expect and then your plans and all your great intentions are then knocked for a six. That happened to me in August - three weeks no pay and on top of that spending for lots of unexpected items as a result.
My finances for the year hadn't been great but they had been okay up until August - I had used my Flexiloan to pay for my tickets to fly home for Christmas and was planning to pay that back in August as well has repay some monies I had "borrowed" from my mothers "extra" saving account. Because neither of these plans happened I ended up taking out a loan to clear the Flexiloan amount and to cover some of the spending I had had to make in August. I took out a £7K loan as this was offered at a lower rate and then put £2k of it into my saving account.