Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy News Years Everyone!

I am back from Africa and even before the end of the year I am in a new job and am working in London now. Hooray!!! Just can't go to the sales in Richmond or Putney etc and I will be find. The job is better paid than my last, but with my tax bill due on the 31st of January I will need it for the start of 2009.
My African trip was amazing but I haven't been able to get my pictures online at the moment, as my new job has no Internet connection and I am blogging in the local library. I think I will be visiting the library a lot over the next few weeks and as it is free why not! Once I can work out how to get my pictures online via the library I will be able to really blog about my trip.
My trip and some spending I have done since coming back to the UK (I had an week before I started my new job which is not helpful when you should be saving and not spending). I played fairy godmother to my god kids and took them to the movies and to Pizza Hutt after for a late lunch. The rest was spent on taking some friends out for supper etc. the general catching up I do when I get a few days to myself.
My end of year target to get my debt below £6K is blown away, sadly - I have to phone my credit card companies this afternoon to get my final end of year balances and will try and update all that on Friday.
Have lots of plans and ideas for the New Year but will have to sit down and really budget them and see if they will be worth while. Just finished the book "How I Lived On Just A Pound A Day" by Kath Kelly - she was inspired by am American woman who didn't spend money on anything except necessaries for a year. Am now reading a book called In The Red which is very entertaining.
Well that's all for this year folks - will have a big update for 2008 in January 2009.