Thursday, 31 May 2012

Time To Play Catch Up

Well it's been a while since February and in the mean time I have been to Venice with three of my god kids, read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, sorted all my financial accounts for the year and have been trying to keep my spending to a minimum. (Trying!!) And all the other normal stuff we full our lives with.
I have only just sorted out my ISA account and have transferred my last years saving to a new account but have not as yet started to add to it this year. So I am really behind in this goal.
My regular saving account is up and running and I have opened a new saving account for my emergency fund and tax monies. It wasn't till I started reading debt blogs that I even thought about the interest rates on saving accounts because I was always payoff debt and never had money set aside each month to save. Each year now I pick out the best best saving account for my emergency fund etc, other savings plans like ISA and regular savings accounts. For the most part I try and set up direct debits and then forget about them.
I have lots of other things to worry about at the moment like my trip to China. Yes I am off to the Peoples Republic of China to do a teaching course - it's all very random. So I will be flying off to Shanghai at about this time next week and I haven't even really started sorting out my packing or done any of the hundreds of things that I had planned to do for the trip last month. It's funny but I think this trip will be more of a culture shock for me than any other trip I have taken and I have been to lots of places. So I am looking forward to the whole experience.
I have saved up all the monies for my expenses in June and the start of July, this is the reason I haven't added to my ISA for May.
This weekend it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and there are going to be street parties all over the neighbourhood, we are having our street party on Monday, so that should be fun. Sunday is the big flotilla on the Thames and I am really looking forward to that. I live quite close to the Thames so it would be great to walk down to see that.
What have you been up to?