Friday, 14 November 2014

Can't Wait to Dump the Debt!!

I have been crunching numbers to see how I can clear my debt quicker than my current plan of the end of March 2015. Dave Ramsey is always saying you should sell everything you can to clear your debt but I don't really have a lot to sell. I am a bit of a gypsy and all my worldly goods are in boxes or a couple of bags. But I do have some shares. Before I got into Dave Ramsey money plan I had been purchasing shares in two different companies and both lots of shares have done okay. I wish I had purchased more than I did as one of the shares has more than doubled in value. If I sell these shares and use most of my Emergency Fund I could totally wipe my Flexiloan and in doing so stop being charge the high interest rate each month. I could then build up my baby Emergency Fund again in December and clear my final debt (my bank loan) by the end of February. I don't want these two unsecured debts hanging around my neck longer than they have to be. And I can't wait to close the Flexiloan once and for all.
One of the shares is due a dividend payment at the end of the month, which would be added as shares and so I had planned to wait until that had happened before selling the shares but the company I hold the share with are having their monthly reduced transaction fee on Wednesday, which would save me much more than I would gain on the dividend payment. Now I could wait until next month for the next reduction in transaction fees and get both but then I would lose it all in interest chargers. So next Wednesday it is!