Bucket List

Things I would like to do before I die.... or get a mortgage

Build my house: I have the section but would love to build a house and have fallen in love with the Tumbleweed small houses. Am I crazy or are these just too cute!
Get a mortgage: I am currently looking at getting a mortgage on a property.  I did it, oh yes
I have gone into debit big time now in purchasing my first house. So no more little trips here or there it is time to eat rice and beans and throw all my hard earned cash at getting that mortgage gone!!

This is not a complete list but a work in progress......

Places I would like to travel to (or back to)

Moscow: I have always want to go to Red Square and see the Kremlin etc. While growing up in the 1970’s I read a lot about underground churches and the plight of Christians under Communism.

Kenya: I want to see my sponsor child again!! Am planning to visit in 2012!  Visited in April 13!

Uganda(see Kenya)!! Am planning to visit in 2012! Visited in April 2013!

Venice: I would love to take my two god daughters here. I have been before with my Mums which was so great, she had spent two and a half days there 40 years before. It was a surprise trip and we stayed for four nights. While we were there it was Mothering Sunday and we sat in Piazza San Marco and drank cocktails and ate olives in the Venice sunshine. A memory never to be forgotten.
Completed this in March 2012!

Cornerstone: I went way back in 1991 and had a blast, would love to attend another weekend festival. Just don’t want to have to deal with all the American security measures that are now imposed on travellers and have avoided them so far by always fly via Asia.

South Africa: I have lots of family living here and would love to see them again along with my father who lives here. Have been there twice before, the first time was during the elections when Nelson Mandala was voled into office. That was an amazing time - history in the making!

Israel: One of my favourite places in the world, I have been here four times and always love it and don’t want to leave.

The Northern Alps: Well I have seen the Southern Alps, so would like to see their northern namesakes.

New York City:  I have been to NYC twice before but only stayed a night or two, the weather was always horrid but I'd love to spend a week or two in the big apple maybe in the summer one year?

Mount Kilimanjaro: I have wanted to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro since I first heard "Africa" by Toto.

Milford Track: When I was a teenager my Mum and I would always talk about walking the Milford Track together but I went off on my travels when I was in my early 20's and haven't really been home much since. My dear Mum would  not be able to do it now but I would still love too.

Aurora Borealis: I would love to see the Northern Lights and Aurora Australis (the Southern Lights), a trip to Norway would work well for this and I wouldn't say no!

Hadrian's Wall: Ever since I have been in the UK I have been meaning to walk Hadrian's Wall (and visit Aydon Manor House along the way). The latter is said to have some family connection but I rather doubt it. Because of my feet (ie. blisters) I didn't walk between Steel Rigg and Heddon-on-the-Wall and so would like to go back and complete this part of the walk.

Petra: The ancient capital of the Nabatean empire is a must see for anyone going to the middle east.

Things I have always wanted to do...

HGV Licence Okay this may sound a really sad reason but years ago I used to love the telly show "BJ and the Bear" and though it would be so cool to be able to drive a Big Mack. Even today I sometime see an amazing looking 18 wheeler and think, "yea - I would still love to drive one of those babies".

TESOL: I first heard about the TESOL/TEFL courses while living in the States back in the early 1990's and thought wow that would be great but never did any thing more about it. About 2 years ago a friend of my from NZ did the course here in the UK and again I thought "wow I would love to do that too". However my negative self  says "you can't do it your dyslexic" etc. - I got out of debt! I can do this course!! I will do this course!! I got my certificate!!!! But have to resit the Grammar exam - should be able to pass that on my second attempt!! Still I am very happy about how things went.

am trying to think of other stuff I want to do..........