Monday, 31 October 2011

All October

It's been a great month - the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup for the second time after 24 years of chasing the dream, I have dropped a 'jeans' size and I am still debt free! Yep, a good month all round!
When I open the newspaper in the morning the first thing I do is chuck the sports section but not in October this year. I have been pouring over all the articles I could find on the Rugby World Cup, especially anything about my team the All Blacks. A local pub on the high street has been flying the New Zealand and the All Blacks flags - so it's been great. Didn't get to see all the games because of work and the time difference which meant a lot of games been played in the early hours GMT. It's only once every four years so am so happy that we beat the French even if only by one point!
However my spending has been way out of hand, what with birthdays and lunches for my godchildren, food buying (that I don't need), clothes (more about that later) and Internet buying like iTunes etc. - have stopped me saving more. But because I don't have a credit card I am not spending more than what is in my bank account.
I could have saved £500 more this month than I have. Thinking about it makes me cross with myself but as I haven't broken my budgeted saving plan I have to accept what is spend is spent and leave my debit card at home more often in November.
On Friday I had a lunch date with a friend and while I was waiting for him to arrive, I decided to try on a pair of size 10 (UK size) jeans at Next and couldn't believe it when they fitted me perfectly. So I bought them! I did check with the lady behind the counter that they were indeed size 10. It's been more than twenty years since I have been about to wear size 10 jeans. I know I am going on - it's a girl thing I guess. Today I picked up two shirts and a sweat shirt at a local op-shop for just under £20. Expensive because they were all brand names items. You used to be able to get a shirt or most items of clothing at an op-shop for about £2.50 but not any more.

November Goals:

I have another birthday present to buy for this week and then I have my sponsor kids Christmas fund to sort out. Also have a dentist appointment to see the hygienist so that will cost me £45 and I need to get an eye test (will probably need new glasses) - it all adds up doesn't it!

Savings: £500 Freedom Fund, £300 Building Fund, £100 stocks and £100 to open another high interest (yer the interest rates are a joke) saving account.

Richie and the boys preparing for battle 2011