Monday, 29 September 2014

Getting Gazelle Intense!!

Autumn is slowly making her presents felt, leaves are starting to change colour and fall. It's much cooler in the mornings and the rain is arriving with a little more frequency.  I am having to juggle my budget to account for clothing purchases which are much needed as I got rid of a lot of my old winter wardrobe when I moved jobs in April.
My snowball has been very slow in moving my debt balance and the big culprit is my Flexiloan account. Yes, I should have got rid of that along time ago but I hung onto it like a crutch and have paid the price for that. I helps me know how much I need in a fully funded Emergency Fund - at least £5k! And £6k ( my current Emergency Fund plus the additional £5k) would probably be idea for me.
My current debt balance is £6030.85, which means it is going to take me until at least March next year to clear my unsecured debt in full. And that is only if I am absolutely gazelle intense about paying it off. I am working on a zero balance budget - giving every penny a name and it is hard!
I have been listening to the Dave Ramsey Show on my laptop and I really do like his stance on Personal Finance. Listening to the show is good for me as it keeps all my goals to clear my debt in focus and is a great encouragement to continue with the slog.
Time to get gazelle intense about my finances again and be weird!