Monday, 27 June 2011

A Little Here, A Little There....

- oh dear I have been spending this month, and I so didn't want to go over my budget but have well and truly stuffed my goals for this month, in fact the only goal I will accomplish is my payment to my Regular Saving Account. I am treating all my regular savings as if they were debit payments, I have the amount I want to have saved by the end of the year and am paying it off each month.
So my over spend amount is £289.71 of which;
  • £49.95 on food items (incl. health food supplies, coffee's etc.)
  • £38.69 books (7 online purchases)
  • £6.89 vitamins etc.
  • £83.46 clothes (incl. hiking boots, socks, court shoes etc.)
  • £110.72 miscellaneous (incl. concert tickets for Oct.)
To meet my tax payment amount of £1,520 I will be £47.97 short of my budget and my spending had resulted in the demise of my current account buffer balance that I had built up over time. The one good thing I can say is that I do not have any debt (other than my tax bill), so it's a nuisance but not the end of the world.
My book purchases will not last me to the end of July - I am such a bookworm at the moment, keep finding great books to read and that's after I finished all the Lee Child books and thought I would never find anything I would like as much.
Was planning to take a stay-cation in August but have found out today that I will have to go either the end of July or wait till September. As my holiday will be an outdoor affair, weather is going to be a major factor and September can be very iffy in the UK. Also if I go in July I will have to use some credit (ie. go into debt) which I am not so keen to do.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Wow can you believe it
it's been 4 years since I first started

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Review

My three goals for the month of May were as follows:
  • Totally fund my Emergency Fund with £1k Done
  • Set aside £500 for my rates Done
  • Set aside £880 for my taxes Not completed
"Two out of three aren't bad" but it's not good either.

The good is that I have opened an e-ISA with £500 (that was meant for my taxes) and so it's not wasted just I have gotten ahead of myself in my savings goals. The remaining £380 however is mostly made up of unbudgeted spending for the month for things like my dental hygienist appointment, books, clothes, eating out as well as internet and mobile pay-as-you-go. The latter two items I really need to add to my monthly budget as they are reocurring costs. Next week I have another visit to the dentist, which is hopefully my last one for a while and I already know that it will be costing me £204. I am having an infulling and that comes in at the top banding for NHS dental chargers which is never more than £204. Thank goodness for the National Health Service (NHS) I guess?!

So at the end of May I have the following:
  • £1k in an Emergency Fund
  • £860 in a Regular Saving Account
  • £500 in an e-ISA
My three goals for June will be as follows:
  1. Set aside £1520 for taxes Done
  2. Put £340 into my RSA Done
  3. Keep my spending to my budgeted amount
Now just gotta do it.......