Monday, 21 April 2008

Nothing Ever Stays The Same...

My current job could be ending at anytime and although this doesn't overly concern me, as I can usually get work very quickly. Changing jobs does tend to mess up my budget planning and as I have a holiday planned for next month, I can only hope that my current job can last a few more weeks.
Today I can update my two loans, which will bring my debt down to under £11,000 but only just, which means that I still have another 11 months before I can clear my debts in full. So March next year is my DFD.

Monday, 7 April 2008

April is here and so is Spring...

It's Spring time and yesterday morning I was trapsing through the snow, something we don't get that much of here in London.
Yesterday was also the start of the new tax year and I get to find out how much I owe the government - itn't it a joy. They do nothing for me and this year I get the extra governmental gift, as Mr Brown, in his last budget decided, in his great wisdom, to make my tax calculations easier and got rid of the 10% tax band. So I am having to cough up an extra £229.90 - ta very much mate!!!!

I will be voting at the next elections, I have made sure that I am on the roles this time and I will not be wanting to see Mr Brown and co. back in office I can tell you.