Monday, 14 March 2011


It's half way through March and my finances are okay, everything is on budget and I haven't been buying things online. However my snow flaking isn't so good and I have only saved about £17.00 or so. This money is to cover my gym membership which I have been informed by letter will increase as of the first of April by £2.00 to £38.00 a month. Yes finally I can say that government cuts have caught up with me but only via my gym which is run by the local borough council.
One thing I keep telling myself to do is change banks and I have more or less decided which bank to change too. Why should I be loyal to a bank that turned me down when I applied for a new credit card transfer balance deal last year. It's been a rather one side relationship with me paying lots of interest and my bank ignoring me and just take, take, taking. Time to forget my loyalty and say good bye. Breaking up is hard to do.
Will this effect my credit rating? Should I care too much about that if I am getting rid of all my credit accounts anyway? What do you think?


Louise said...

I'd change, as you say it's a very one sided deal, I'm surprised they turned you down though.

karen said...

The only time banks sit up and take notice is when customers start leaving. If you've found something better - just go.

LisaClark said...

I thought I had found a better bank but have found out via an internet board that the one I had chosen was rubbish. So have been reading up on what other banks are offering. Hope to decide by Monday and sort it all out then.

MyATM said...

I would change too if that's the case. Don't give them business if they are ignoring your request.