Monday, 31 January 2011

Month's End

It's the last day of January, the day my first tax payment is due for the year ending in April and I am happy to say that the payment has been made. Next tax payment is due at the end of July and I am budgeting to have the monies put aside before that payment in due, once I have cleared my debt in April.

All my debt is now held in my Flexiloan account - an account I want to cancel once I clear it but I think I have said that before. Still everything and anything is being done on my part to clear that last £4k and get back to that better place of "debt freeness"!

Today is the last day of the month but yesterday was my last pay day for the month and so I have to wait until Thursday for the money to clear - I 'll update my debit amounts then.

Coffee jar amount is £32.85 and I have banked this amount to go towards the £36 gym membership payment which is not due until March. So not bad, I have saved just over a weeks spending money in the last four weeks and if I can keep that up each month I will be very happy.
Tomorrow I am attending a birthday lunch and I have been able to buy a gift using my Nectar card points, so my £5 a day budget is still working well. I also have a Booths card with lots of lovely points on that should I need them.

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