Friday, 4 February 2011

February 2011 and all is well!

Very well actually - (big drum roll) - today I cancelled my Barclaycard and also my CreditExpert account. Yes I really did it!! (big smile and happy dance) And I feel really go about it too.

Dave would be so proud!!

My CreditExpert account is only £6.99 a month but as I am clearing my credit accounts and closing them my credit rating is not really of interest to me, should I need to check my rating for any reason I can do that for a one off payment of about £5.99 or so. Paying £6.99 each month for information I really already know is pointless.

Often it's those little things that leave your current account by direct debt etc. which can really add up over the months and years. I have been looking at every direct debit and standing order that I have on my current accounts to see if I really need them. Am I getting my monies worth from the services I am paying for?
My goal for this year is so far to save a £5k credit cushion, this will fulfil two of Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps of 1. Save a £1,000 Emergency Fund and 3. Save 3 to 6 months of expenses. I am already working on Baby Step 2. Paying of all debt.
Other goals are really to just save money and build up a deposit for a house. Where to put my savings is my current obsession - I'm a little ahead of my self I know but you gotta dream huh!


Louise said...

Good for you!! (can't wait till I get to cancel my credit cards)

Prince of Thrift said...

awesome! so glad you cut up that Barclay's credit card. Paying cash is the only way to go.