Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Good, Bad Or Ugly?

My Visa Debit Card, good, bad or ugly?
Last year I had the opportunity to use my new Visa Debit Card overseas - when I took it with me on my visit home (that's New Zealand if your new to the blog). I loaded it, having been assured by my bank that it would work just like a Visa Credit Card and with great anticipation handed it over to refuel my rental car.
No go! (as they say back home) - the petrol station with all the up to date gadgets and gizmo's for making payments by credit cards and the like, couldn't get my card to work.
Not put off by this I felt that is was just a glitch and that maybe it was just a one off so handed my card over again, this time at the Warehouse (think Walmart or the like) but once again, no go!
I try once or twice more before heading for the nearest branch of my bank. They were as helpful as a pork chop at a Jewish wedding! The name and logo may be the same but as far as the staff were concerned I was not a customer of the back.
Now just to let you know my Visa Debit Card did work in all the different bank ATM's in New Zealand, which always chargers you for the privilege if you are using a foreign card. However my last "non" Visa Debt Card worked in all the ATM's also, so it is not an improvement.
So good, bad or ugly - well for me it's differently ugly!!

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