Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Gosh it is well into January and time is flying again.
I have listed a load of books I have been reading in the past year on amazon.co.uk and check each morning to see if I have a sale or not, usually not but I have sold about four books since mid December. Snow flaking is up and running then.
I was given some money to look after a neighbours dog over the New Year and used that as my spending money up until this week and so haven't until today taken any money out for day to day use.
Went out and had coffee with friend today and he paid so that saved me some money. My £5 a day spending plan is an old habit I enjoy and I have started once again to put what I don't spend into a coffee jar - a little more snow flaking (every little helps - as they say at Tesco's).
My current account has not looks so health since before I went on holiday, the drag is that I will have to use most of it to pay my end of January taxes. Still at least they will be paid up and done with, Frugal Dad calls tax debt - Ugly Debit! And I agree you don't mess with the tax man.
Still I will end the month in credit, my tax bill cleared and having paid more than the minimum payment for both my debt accounts.
Off to the gym tomorrow so that will mean another fiver in the jar and a pound or two lost? Oh well here's hoping!


Prince of Thrift said...

greetings Lisa..Staying on budget can be a challenge sometimes can't it?

As you know I hate debt with a passion. I refuse to use credit. Which in the months where my budget doesn't seem to get me to the end of the month can be a real challenge to not succumb to the temptation and place something I really want on credit.
What I have to remember is how much more I will be paying for the item/thing if I do.

I like the idea of setting a goal of say 5/day and then anything left going into a jar. What a great motivator it must be for you. Then at the end of the month you can place that extra into savings for something really big you may want. Awesome idea.

LisaClark said...

Thanx Kevin - have decided to use the monies I save each month will go towards my monthly gym memebership. I hope to follow your example of refuse to use credit and I will be far better off!