Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The End of the Beginning

18 days
January is over and wow it sure went quick!

How did I do, well my goals for
January were as follows:
  1. Pay 1st payment for 2011/12 tax year in full.
  2. Save £300 in my regular saving account (RSA).
  3. Save £500 in my ISA.
  4. Keep to my expenses budget of £200 (ie. don't overspend on my phone or Internet usage)
  5. No food purchases unless out with friends. (This for my wast line as much as for my finances)
Of the above I have completed the first four items but have missed out badly on the last however a surprise bonus of £50 meant that I was able to take a friend for lunch and also give towards a birthday gift. So that saved my spending budget from going way out of control.

Hope you had a good month to start the year!

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