Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February Budget

19 daysI start this month with a short fall from last month of £43.42 - not a great start for the year. So I am hoping that this will make me a little more wary with regards to my spending.
My budget is pretty straightforward:
  • Expenses £250
  • Savings £850
  • Sundry £500
  • Spending £120

Simples! but after tax my income for this month is only £1,600 and as I have a short fall from last month of £43.42 it means I have less than no spending for the month. I really don't want to reduce my savings. (The sundry £500 is a one off payment) I don't want to use my emergency fund but I will have to for February. As I am having a holiday in March I don't think I will be able top up my Emergency fund until April at the earliest. Not good but better than being in debt.

The tax year ends on the 5th April and I would like to fully fund my ISA by then but will be short by £840. Should I use my Emergency fund to do this, as it will leave me with no safety net for a month or two. What do you think? Would that be good or bad?

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