Wednesday, 11 January 2012

First Challenge for 2012

I have taken up my first Challenge for the year and will be working on my waist line for the next 12 weeks. Lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks - sounds like a plan.I dropped a jean size towards the end of last year and would like to get my weight into the middle range of my ideal body weight for my BMI, which is 7st 9lb (48.5kg) to 10st 4lb (65.6kg). The very idea of weighing only 7st 9lb is crazy - I'd probably be way too emaciated or dead and think 9st would be much healthier goal to aim for.
If you're in the UK you know that we are now the fattest country in the EU, so it is passed time to loss the pounds.
Go on sign up and lets get slimming - just think if your jogging past the shops then you will not have the time to stop and spend.

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