Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fiver A Day

With still a week and a pay cheque to go till the end of February - I am way ahead of myself with my coffee jar savings.
For the last forever it seems, I have been living on £5 a day and each day when I get home I put all my change into a empty coffee jar. I have counted the contents today and it totals £42.05, up from £32.85 in January. This I will bank on Monday as it more than covers my gym membership for next month. (Talking of the gym, I have been there 5 times this week - am I good or what?)
Living on £5 a day is more than possible - I find it very hard to justify spending any monies really but did when I succumb twice this week to a Portuguese custard tart (they really are so heavenly).
The idea for £5 a day came after reading Kath Kelly's book "How I Lived a Year on Just a Pound a Day" back in January 2009, I take my hat off to Kath she is amazing but I like to live a little larger!

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