Thursday, 10 February 2011

Whats In Your Wallet?

I did this back in July 2008 but thought why not do it again it's been a while, what is cluttering up my wallet (or purse as I call it). It's a bit early for spring cleaning but a February clear out is okay I guess.

The before picture of my purse

Yes, a new purse my old one just got too tattie. While going through it I came across a card I really do need to deal with, it's an internet account ATM card with only about £20 in it, I should check out the interest rate currently on the account and decide if I keep it or not. Saving accounts and the like are something I am looking at currently and I will do a blog on this subject at some point I am sure.

Now all is revelled

  • cash £10 (2x five pound notes)
  • cash 15 dirhams (currency from UAE)
  • cash 10,000 shillings (currency from Uganda)
  • Bone Marrow donor card (do you have one? if no why not?)
  • Blood donor card (again you should have one of these unless you have a medical excuse)
  • Red Cross Resuscitation Card (helpful info should I even need to be reminded)
  • book of 1st class stamps (10 left)
  • Costa coffee card (still got about .90p on this)
  • Caffe' Nero loyalty cards (4 cards completed so that's 4 free coffees)
  • Cafe bb's loyalty card (don't go to this one often)
  • M&S loyalty card (new card)
  • House of Fraser loyalty card (don't like the coffee here so should give this one away)
  • Padi card for Open Water Diver (very proud of this one)
  • Orange Mobile Phone card (back in action as I am back to pay as you go)
  • Boots Advantage Card (one of my favourites)
  • Tesco Club Card (not been using this one very much)
  • Nectar Card (this has been a winner lately)
  • Waterstone's Card (don't go there often these days)
  • HSBC Debit Visa Card (not had a lot of joy with this overseas as you know)
  • Abby ATM Card (bank changed its name to Santandar - need to check out this account)

So what is inside your wallet, need to have a clear out? Do you have credit cards lurking in there - ready to tempt you or cards that are maxed out there to depress you? Take a stand and sort out what's in your wallet!

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