Saturday, 4 July 2009

So Go I

I haven't been giving myself goals of late, which was brought home to me when reading DebtHater latest post. In fact re reading my first January post the only real goal I had was to get debt free this year - sort of stating the obvious really. I have been encouraged in the past by other blogger's to make some plans and goals for the future and that is something I just never feel comfortable about. I have no idea why? Some kind of mental block or something maybe. My own personal, weird little blind spot.

Time to step out and make some goals for the rest of this year!

Goal 1. Clear my debt my August 2009

Goal 2. Clear my Tax by October 2009

Goal 3. Complete my EMF Account by October 2009

Goal 4. Start a regular payment towards my building fund

In November/December I am planning to go home for a visit so will need to save up for my airfares and spending monies. For this I will need a minimum of at least £1k and most probably more, depending how long I'm away. Sorting out internal transport costs for trips around the country will be a good idea now, as I could get some good prices if I book early.

Four goals and some research to get on with, I will be off....

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