Monday, 27 July 2009

All Things Are Possible!

I have taken the challenge of having a "no spend week" and will put my weekly spending money towards clearing my Halifax Credit card. A card I should be able to clear by next month.
My extra work is only going to fetch me an extra £450 and not the £700 I had hoped for but still - something is better than nothing.
I have £2.08 in my purse from last week which I will add to my emergency fund. My little red purse has been put away for the week as I don't need it.

Anyone else game for a "No Spend Week"?
Go on....... Go on.......


apieceofwood said...

I often go a week without spending anything without realising it! Good luck with your no spend week!

LisaClark said...

Thanx for your encouragement! It shouldn't be a problem at all - could I do a month of not spending? Now that would be a challenge!

Jennifer said...

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LisaClark said...

hmmm do Credit Solution work in British pound sterling? I don't think so and as I am down to almost my last £1,500 why bother.
Haven't watched NBC new for...while since I was last in the USA.