Monday, 20 July 2009

Little Update

Had a great week last week with my £5 a day and ended it with just over £15 in my purse. Down to half my total weekly spending allowance of £30.

No More Spending is going on a No Spending Week but as I have already been out spending a little today I would like to have a go at a no spend week next week. Last year I did do a lot of no spend days which was okay but sometimes I found that I would then spend more on another day.

Do you find that sometimes it takes forever for payments to arrive on credit card accounts?

I am still waiting for last weeks payment to be credited to my Halifax card account and will be making another payment on Thursday/Friday (depending when my pay cheque clears). Luckily Halifax allow you to make as many payments as you like, unlike some cards, which is news to me.

Planned snowball payment for the month - £1,200 (so far have paid £558).


Laura @ nms said...

Good luck next week :)

Carol said...

I know what you mean about payments taking forever to show - i never noticed before, (same as i never noticed you could only make two payments a month until i tried to recently!)but last month i made two payments, the second just one week after the first payment, which was early anyway,and it still wasn't showing on next month's statement, that's how slow it was

apieceofwood said...

Hi - just found your blog.. Good luck on clearing the debt, we're doing the same.. will be a regular visitor from now!