Tuesday, 30 September 2008

September Update

September has been a great month for me!

I have achieved some of my goals and will work towards completed them all in October.

Short Term Goals
  • End September under £9k (Done)
  • Start Freedom Account for rate payments (Will get onto this in October)
  • Clear all loans by 31/10/08 (Done on the 30/09/08)
  • Clear Credit Card No. 3 by end of year (Well under way!)
  • End year under £7k (Well under way also - could even do better!)

I have now payed £11,587.70 (that's US$20,596.21 or NZ$30,821.20) off my debts. That is pretty amazing! I just can't wait till all my debts are gone and when I get paid I get to keep it!

Standing in line at the bank today I was looking at all the posters for the different products the bank had to offer. And I had to laugh at the credit card poster. It read "Buy now, pay later". Well I am "paying and paying and still paying - later". I have really learnt the lesson of selling my future. There was a song way back in the 80's that I loved and the lyrics of one verse went like this:

Well, I see something and I want it

Bam! Right now! No questions asked

Don't worry how much it costs me now or later

I want it and I want it fast

I'll go to any length

Sacrifice all that I already have

And all that I might get

Just to get something more that I don't need

And Lord, please don't ask me what for

Loved the song but didn't listen to the lyrics. But no more and with the exception of my trip to Turkey in May/June, I have kept to my budget and am very please with the results. Living below your means is no so bad. In the times we are now in, well we all need to live frugally.
So what's the plans for October - okay, I will not be able to clear as much debt as I have in September, as I need to replace the money borrowed from my tax account to clear my Flexiloan account.
Goals for October
  • End the month under £8k
  • Start Freedom Account for rate payments
  • As of the 01/10/09 have only 8 spend days (that is 23 no spend days)
  • Sort Credit Card No. 3 as the 0 % interest rate is ending in October

Well that's the basic plan for October - we shall have to see how well I can do.

How well are you doing?


laura @ no more spending said...

well done lisa...you are doing really well :)

notesfromthefrugaltrenches.com said...

You should be SOOO proud of yourself, well done!!

Frugal Dreamer said...

Just wanted to say Congrats on your success so far! Sounds like you're doing great! :)

Super Careo said...

Congrats on paying down your debts! I am really, truly impressed.

Thanks for your comment on my blog ... You are the first person to comment who I don't know personally!

And thanks for the advice on the credit card situation ... you are totally dead on about the credit cards. Maybe they'll be cut up by the end of the month. *^_^*