Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Another grand has been wipe off my debt total and I am pretty damn happy about it. For the whole of last year my debts totalled over ten thousand and at it's worst it was at twenty thousand, it is pretty scary when you debt equals your annual income.
So I am thrilled for each and every thousand I can reduce my debt by. And I am hoping to clear all my loans by the end of this month instead of next month. I will use some of the monies I have set aside for my tax to do this. The few pennies I lose in not keeping it in my high interest account will be more than paid back in what I will save in interest that I will not have to pay on my loan.
Either way my loan is going down and I am now in positive net worth also for the first time ever.
September is turning out to be a very good month - not famous last words I hope!


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

AWESOME!!!!!! don't you love the feeling!!

LisaClark said...

I love the feeling! and am now trying to clear my last loan by the end of this month.