Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Debt with Credit too!

Well I have been crunching the numbers and here are the results.

I have used £1k of my Flexiloan which has put me in debt again but I still have my Emergency Fund of the same amount. Should I use the Emergency Fund to clear my debt? Or should I just pay off the Flexiloan quickly and be done with it. I am currently working on the latter - I like the idea of keeping my Emergency Fund for .....well, emergencies.

Budget for the month is as follow:

Monthly expenses     £250

Saving                      £300

Dentist                      £45

Sundry                    £108


Total                        £763

Of cause this is the idea but as we all know - this is a dream. I know I have spending money since coming back from China. Mostly for necessities but one or three items, not even close. I will end the month in debt anyway, as I have my 2nd Tax payment due on the 31st July and I don't have the funds to cover it. Guess it will not be until September that I will get back my credit balance. Looking forward to that!

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