Monday, 16 July 2012

July Update

 Shanghai at night.

I'm back from China and now need to reevaluate my finances as I am in overdraft on my current account and I am using credit from my Flexiloan account. So I am back in debt - it's a very manageable amount my it really goes against my plans from last year. At the end of the month I am also due to pay my second tax return payment and as I haven't put monies aside this time I will have to use my Flexiloan to tired me over until I can clear it. So I need to sit down and do some calculations and work out a short term budget to clear all the debt. 


I have my TEFL certificate (yes I am very happy) and I have been shopping (the Chinese love to shop) so really I should be able to live very frugally for the next few months without the need to spend money. Time to work on my next major goal and find some new reading material.

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