Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Extra Day!!

No Spend days: 32

I have been so busy rearranging my plans for the year that I haven't had time to do any updates on anything. Today is "leap day" that day that comes once every four years so I have an extra day to quickly up date my blog, no excuses!

I haven't completed my budget for the month and know I am over budget but haven't done too bad (I hope). February was quite a simple month not like March which includes my trip to Venice, Italy. A holiday I am really looking forward too as I haven't had a holiday since last summer, when I went up to the north of England to walk Hadrian's Wall.

The final budget for the month will have to be worked out later and my goals for March are as follows:
  • Saving £300 and £800
  • Expenses £250 ( this has been rounded up)
  • Flexiloan £260 (yes some debit is back again)
Having told everyone that I would be home for my cousins wedding in August for a few weeks I have had to call my Mums and tell her that I will probably not be home this year at all. (Always hate doing that)
So instead of flying home to New Zealand in August I will be flying to China in June and will spend a month there doing a TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). As I am dyslexic this is going to be a great challenge and so I am swotting up on my grammar like crazy.


Jeff said...

Love reading your blog.

Louise said...

that sounds wonderful! I would love to do a TESOL course and volunteer. It's something I think about doing in retirement.

look forward to reading about your trip