Thursday, 11 August 2011

August Catch Up

July has gone and the tax bill is paid for, for another six month. With the chaps from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs dealt with I feel very free to start planning my finances for the rest of the year.
But before I can get to excited I have to reveal that I have had to purchase a new computer as my last one died on me suddenly. I had had it for just over five years so it was to be unexpected I guess but none the least I hadn't plan to have to replace it just yet. Thankfully the local Curry's store was having a laptop sale on, so I was able to replace my computer for one that was more powerful but less than I had paid for my last one. (I always think that, that so great)
So my current finance plans are;
  • The computer purchase has been paid for via my Emergency Fund so I will need to start building that Fund up again.
  • Keep up planned saving, which are £500 into ISA and £300 into Regular Savings.
  • Set aside 28% of income for taxes and national insurance.
  • Share builder account depositing £100 per month.
I have decide my staycation will be in early September and did all the bookings at the end of July to keep the costs down. My travel is less than £40, that's for return train tickets to the north of England. Savings of about £100 for the travel and I also booked a night in a central London hotel for £49, which is also a very good price. For my trip I am going to walk Hadrian's Wall - all 84 miles of it!

Last month like June I did spend more than I should have on online purchases but ended the month on budget, which is always the main goal. Still debt free!

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