Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Months End

What happen to summer, we have had a horrid month weather wise here in London. What happened to global warming? Oh well.......
My saving plan for the month is completed but because my pay cheque wasn't banked until Tuesday (as Monday was a bank holiday), it will not clear until Friday so I will transfer another £250 into my Freedom Fund then.
September is going to be a half month as I have two weeks holiday but will still plan to save a minimum of £800.
So on Monday I am off up north to walk Hadrian's Wall, all 84 miles and am really looking forward to it. The weather should be terrible, wet and windy but I figure if that is my expectation all should be well and I may even get a nice day or not. After my walk I will be spending a few days with my god kids, so expect to spend a little money while with them.

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Louise said...

oh wow! I would love to walk Hadrians wall! hope you're going to take some pics :)