Thursday, 19 March 2009


It has taken a while but I have finally gotten below the lowest record balance I have had in about a decade. Way back in December 2004 my total debit balance was down to a mere £6,662.28 before it slowly (but insistently) climbed to the heights of £20,056.05 in June 2007. That amount really horrified me - how could I be in so much debt but have nothing to show for it? And so my blog journey started.
Now my total debt is £6,637.58 - OK that may only be £24.70 less than my lowest balance but it's a huge breakthrough for me and better still it is not yet the end of the month so I am working at getting below £6k by the end of the month. The getting out of debt business is getting lots of fun.
Haven't done so well on my £5 a day plan last week - brought my big bro a belated birthday gift, new earphones for my ipod and some stationary that I needed to that blew the plan for the week but I am back on track this week. I wont beat my self up as I have been very good and I haven't been using credit (rule No. 1 is still in place).
My NoCreditNeeded goal of clearing my debt by the end of this month is not going to happen but ending it under £6k is a reason to celebrate I reckon!


Tasha said...

Oh! big congratulations are due to you my dear! :) I'm happy for you. I just can't wait to be in your debt level!

Jerry said...

Very nice work! This is proof positive that discipline and hard work can lead to a payoff, if you stick with it. People think that it's impossible, but you have shown that it can be done! Keep up the great effort and you have iron-clad insurance that you'll reach your goal eventually...

Debt Dieter said...

Congratulations, that's a fantastic achievement!

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LisaClark said...

Thanx everyone for your kind comments - with my debt below £7k I really feel I am on new ground and it is getting really exciting. I will be debt free and so will you all be - believe it! said...

That is simply wonderful news, well done you!!!

Jerry said...

Progress leads to more progress. Good for you for what you've been able to accomplish so far. It's an achievement. You are obviously focused on it and that's half the battle. There's no insurance nowadays that we'll be millionaires so we have to do all we can to stay focused on the goal - get and stay out of debt.

Louise said...

congrats to you! you have done really well :)