Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Just a little bit more

To get under the £6k I have paid £3.40 onto the credit card I am working on clearing first and so have brought my balance down to only £5,998.30. A land mark balance in my very checked history of being in debt. My lowest balance in the last 10 years (yep you read that right!) is £6,662.28 and that was back in December 2004. My total debt is at it's lowest level ever!!
This is how my March balances have looked over the years:
2002 £9,141.24
2003 £8,653.76
2004 £7,263.07
2005 £8,147.84
2006 £9,255.26
2007 £14,524.62
2008 £11,828.20
2009 £6,001.70
Getting to where I am today has been a slogg and it has been sometimes the little things that have done the most towards getting my debt level down. I haven't finish quite yet and I have planned a holiday in early May but it is has been budgeted in and is currently all paid for. I will be using my April savings for my spending monies so that should cover it.
Goal for April is to be under £5k by the end of the month - shouldn't be a problem!!

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Debt Dieter said...

Congratulations, that's a fantastic effort, and you're so close to paying the whole lot off now!