Friday, 31 October 2008

October Update

October Goals
  • End the month under £8k Done

  • Start Freedom Account for rate payments Done

  • As of the 01/10/09 have only 8 spend days (that is 23 no spend days) 9 spend days

  • Sort Credit Card No. 3 as the 0 % interest rate is ending in October Done

Not a bad month got under the £8k mark which was a great goal to have achieved and only went one day over my 8 spending day limit for the month. Also started my Freedom account, which I now need to start a graft or chart of something for.

I have transferred the remaining balance of credit card No. 3 to credit card No. 1 as they offered me a 0% interest transfer, so I am now down to two cards. But as you can see credit card No. 1 has increased my interest rate to 15.9% for the rest of the balance and so this is my snowball target now. Only problem is that in November all the funds I would have allocated to my snowball are going to fund my African trip and cover all my standing orders/direct debits for December. So I am not going to be able to make any major payments to my debt until the end of December or even as late as February next year. I have my Inland Revenue bill due in January and I have a short fall due then for my 07/08 Tax year.

November goals are really just about Africa - I have yet to pay for my malaria medication which is around £70-£80 and am budgeting around £200 on gifts. I am buying two lots of soccer bib's and some balls for the two children's projects and thought I would try and find a giant twister game for the girls at each project. Will have to look on e-bay etc. to see what is available and how much it will cost. Then there are the individual gifts for my sponsor kids and their families. I can see the budget being blown just with this one. Some things I will buy here in England and the rest will be purchased in either Kenya or Uganda.

November Goal

  • Keep to budget as much as possible.
  • Keep personal spending to as little as possible.
  • Complete bookings for accommodation within budget limits.
  • Finish costing of Project gifts and order them.

Will it be possible?

Here's hoping but I will be wasting a little money on Monday night as I have plans to go and see the new 007! (will take my own snacks to the show!!)


Our said...
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HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

You know if you look at your debt in USD it doesn't look that bad LOL

Keep up the good work!!