Monday, 25 August 2008

Paying For Medicine

I had some vaccinations last week in preparation of my trip to Africa, I turned up at the doctors surgery at the appointed time but before I saw the nurse I was given a bill for £50.00. I was amazed as I have never had to pay for medicine in my life, not when I was growing up in New Zealand where they have/had? free health care based on the British NHS system and now living in the UK where I am under the NHS it's self.
However it doesn't include things like Yellow Fever vaccinations or Cholera medication, the latter I think will put me back about £38.00. I also have to pay for the Malaria Tablets which I did know about before hand and am expecting it to cost me about £70.00 or so.
I wrote out the cheque with a heavy heart and thought to myself "there goes my spending money of this week and next".
Tuesday will be soon enough for the Cholera medication (not a vaccination thank goodness).
So my medication bill for Africa is something like £158.00 which takes away from the good deal I had on the flight costs. Haven't paid for the accommodation yet either.

3 comments: said...

Wow, that is very expensive for vaccinations.
I wonder if a travel clinic would be cheaper?

LisaClark said...

You know, I hadn't even thought of going to a travel clinic. I used to know of one in Earls Court or Kensington High Street but have never used them in the past as I have always traveled to "safe" countries.

Corentine said...

Keep up the good work.