Friday, 8 August 2008

Lucky Number 8

If your Chinese then today has been your day - it really couldn't get any better, only the 8th August 800 could really top it and who was around then? OK, if your going to go into the whole history of the Christian calendar, I already know but you understand what I am getting at.
I am not a big fan of China and if I have the option I usually don't buy China made products - that is not really an option these days is it.
Don't watch a whole lot of sport so the Beijing Olympics is not a whole lot of interest to me, although I did watch some of the opening night, just to see if I could spot my countries flag. To have seen the team as well was to much to ask I know. And yes - I did get a good glimpse of the red, white and mostly blue!! Yep! and I did feel a little bit of national pride too.


J. Money said...

haha.... i just read that two people were born at 8:08 on 8/8/08 - yikesy!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

8 is my lucky number!!!