Thursday, 21 August 2008

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

On Monday I was contacted about some local week day work, for three days a week and it is walking distant from where I am living. I have been in to have a chat about it all and stated quite clearly that it will only be for three months, which doesn't seem to be a problem but don't think they want to pay me what I am asking.
My accommodation comes with my current job and I have been told that I can continue with my bed and board here but the details haven't been clarified. So am I now to be charged for bed and board? If yes, how much? And really is it worth staying on if that is the case?
It is all getting a little messy - I don't want to get less than what I have been paid up to now, as my current budget is dependent on that amount. I could be earning more than what I am getting now but that would be a brand new job and in a brand new location.
Should I just cut and run? Just get a job that pays more and clear my debt a.s.a.p?


Anonymous said...

What a tough choice, thinking of you!

LisaClark said...

I have decide to do a two week trial of the new three day job. And have been told that I will not be charged any thing at all for staying on at my current job. So that is a relief. Also my pay request has been excepted so I will not be losing out too much as far as money is concerned. Which is the main thing. So if it all works out my budget will be okay.