Thursday, 10 July 2008

What's In Your Wallet?

Inspired by Debtkid who was himself inspired by a post on the Lending Club blog on cleaning out your wallet, I thought why not have a go myself.
Wallet Before Clean Out
Yep my wallet has been around the world and then some, so is looking very tired but I still like it. I brought it at Next a couple of years ago at a sale for only £5.

Empty wallet with all it's continence

The wallet continence was:
  • two books of 1st class stamps
  • a collection of foreign stamps brought on my travels (for when I go back)
  • NZD$25.05
  • GBP£2.05 (this is it till next Tuesday)
  • two restaurant business cards from Italy and Turkey
  • two keys (for my friends flat)
  • NHS donor card (everyone should have one of these)*
  • Boots advantage card (my favorite points card)
  • Nectar card (not really using this one at present)
  • Tesco Club card (not using this one either as there is no local store to my work/home)
  • Orange Top up card (not using as I have now taken up a contract with Orange)
  • Costa card (have about .90p still on the card)
  • HSBC debit card (which is also my cheque guarantee card)
  • Surrey Council library card (borrow don't buy books)
  • receipts and cash machine slips

The Orange top up card, two restaurant business and the receipts etc. have all got to go as they are just taking up space. But everything else can stay, no credit cards as you can see and no overdraft on my debit card either, so no available credit to waste.

*Do you have a donor card? Have you thought of becoming a donor but have just been putting it off? Why don't you sort it out now online and contact or contact an organ donor register where you live. Help someone else to live after your death - you can't take it with you.


Sridinats said...

Interesting to find this post out here.... Just a day before your post I did a similar thing on my blog....Wallet Unravelled

Cleaning out the wallet is a fun thing to do, isn't it?

LisaClark said...

The internet allows us to track and compare our lives which is really interesting. We all seem to do similar things at the same times - not really weird as we are all human but we're not as unique in some ways as we may think.
And yes Sridinats it is fun to see what we have kept in our wallets.

Frugal Trenches said...

I filled out all the donor card info but never received a card, I should chase it up really!
I used to live in Surrey!

LisaClark said...

Chase them up Frugal - I got mine in the post within about a month.
I am working in the Surrey Hills, very leafy 'round here but London is my base really.

veronica said...

I clean out my wallet regularly. In fact, the wallet I have is just large enough to hold what I consider essentials. I carry no photos. Rather carry a checkbook (a thing of the past anyway), I carry only two checks for those rare times I need one. And I absolutely never carry loose change. Once I get home for the day, any and all loose change is put in a bank.