Friday, 18 January 2008

Rome Trip for Feb

I have been costing up my trip to Rome to see how I am going to budget for it. Yep - doing everything backwards I know. I have really only put aside £100 for my trip so far but the break-down currently goes like this:

Flights £ 76.20 (includes baggage chargers)
Accommodation £149.87 (Paid £70.00 on credit card)
Insurance £12.29 (for one adult and two kids)

Total £238.36 (Paid so far £146.20)

So my current account overdraft has been taking a hammering and I am breaking one of my rules of not getting into more debt. I should be able to clear the overdraft and pay for the rest of the trip with my tax saving.
I am all set to pop into the post office on the 28th and present a cheque for the full 1st half of my IRD payment. So after that I should have about £400 available to pay for the trip and for spending money.
Yes I know I should be using this money to clear my debts. But as I haven't had a holiday since last May and I have been promising my god-daughters a trip to Italy for the last 2 years, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone - so to speak. And well a trip to Rome for 3 for four days at under £500 is good isn't it??


Tasha said...

You have the option when to pay your overdraft? Is that a good thing? Here in NZ, it's automatically paid for by whatever amount your account receives.

LisaClark said...

sorry Tasha for not replying sooner. But have finally read all of Debit Haters blog all two years of it! Wow - she sure has a lot going on!
Regarding overdrafts they work the same way here as they do downunder. But to balance my account I need to repay all the extra I have been spending.
My problem is I love spending money on other people. It is better to give than receive but not to the extent that you get in debt. Not that I can blame anyone but myself - when I spend money on other people I also treat myself! Got to learn to only spend what I earn and not to go crazy.
I had a credit card which had a credit balance of £10,000.00 on it. That is about NZ$26,000.00 which is just nuts. I cancelled it much to the amazement of the lady from the credit card company who took my call.
Now I just want to clear all my debt and get a deposit for a house. The latter will be easy once the debt is all gone.