Sunday, 6 January 2008

Welcome 2008

Well the New Year is here and I am back to my old ways - but hopefully better prepared than before. I have promised my god-daughters a trip to Europe and I have finally booked it for February, which is low season. If I am really good between now and then, I should be able to cover it all in cash. But that means no dinning out or any shopping for the next seven weeks. The flights including taxes are £20.00 and I am looking to get accommodation for no more than £160 for three nights. Just hope weather is nice for us - I don't mide gray and cold just don't want rain.

January also means tax payment and I have to pay for the first half of the 07/08 tax year. This year I am ready - and will be able to write a cheque for the full amount, which is wonderful!
Last year I had the tax man breathing down my neck some, for the money.
Then, it's all clear until the end of July.

I have an account were I have been paying in each week monies set aside for my taxes and have been putting aside more than I really need. (I still haven't received any billing from the IR as to how much is going to be due at the end of the month) But whatever the outcome I know I have more than enough if I go by last years chargers. Will probably use some of the money in the tax account to help fund the trip in February.

Oh I didn't say - I am taking the girls to Rome!!

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PiggyBankBlues said...

it's nice to be able to start the year with lessons learned and well prepared! everytime i do a good financial bit for the first time i feel as though i've accomplished something :)