Sunday, 25 January 2015

Moving On Time Again

I am just back from a weekend away visiting my godchildren. As always I had a great time and spent too much money - nothing was budgeted, as the visit was a last minute decision. Last Tuesday I found out that my job would come to an end the following day. This was not totally unexpected.
During the Christmas holidays I had, had to cancel my Christmas visit to see my godchildren due to my job. So decided on the Wednesday that I would go and visit the children while I could, using my Emergency Fund to pay for all my purchases and then spend the last week of January finding my next job.
This will mean I am a week behind my February budget and will not be debt free until early March. Also I will need to repay my Emergency Fund. Of cause this all depends on my getting a job within in the next seven days. It is very do able but not guaranteed.
My main financial goal for January is to pay my taxes and this is still on-track. My expenses are all up to date and I have funds to cover my first week or so of expenses for February.
My lovely friends are all being so helpful with possible job contacts. So I am very blessed!
Lets see what Monday has to offer.....

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