Sunday, 25 January 2015

Getting Flexiable With Money

I am almost there!! As I stated in my last blog, I decided to sell most of my shares and use that money to help clear my Flexiloan account and then close it. And so last Wednesday I jumped online during a fee reduction period and sold the share for £1,900.00 which was a profit of about £700. Not something to be sniffed at as far as I am concerned. It is my first venture into share dealing and I only wish I had brought a whole load more at the start of the venture. Hind sight and all that good stuff. Anyway my Flexiloan is now down to under a thousand and I want to clear that using my Emergency Fund but will hold off until Monday as I don't want to risk having almost no cash in the account should anything problems arise.
Once that is all complete I will be left with my final unsecure loan account which I plan to clear by early February 2015. Then I can say I am totally debt free!! But only until I get my mortgage which should be around October 2015. Between now and then I am going to try and but as much as I can into both my savings account (for my proper Emergency Fund) and my mortgage deposit saving.
Is it me or is it really hard work to keep on the straight and narrow when trying to stick to a budget when clearing debt? I want to get debt free asap but still buy stuff (and I do need what I am buying) well some of it at least. I don't know if buying the next book in a series counts as needed?

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