Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Update

I've done very well I think this month and have clear my final loan which was my main goal. The other goals I set for myself in March were to save £300 and start my Emergence Fund with £60.00. The latter is the only goal I didn't complete and this is because I have been doing some spending this month (cash only of cause!). In total I have spent £174.22 which is the most I have spent since last December. Not all necessary I am sorry to say but I haven't gone crazy.
Okay so where am I financially?
I'm debt free!
I have started a regular saving account and have now deposited £560 into it.
(The account has an interest rate of 8% for twelve months and the maximum deposit per month is £300.)
My goals for May are as follows:

  1. Put £1K into an Emergency Fund

  2. Save £500 to pay my rates

  3. Save £1K towards my next income tax bill

I have the advantage of extra money this month as there are three bank holidays - two for Easter and one for the Royal Wedding. So that has paid off my spending of the month.

So enjoy Will and Kate's Wedding everyone - we're having a street party afterwards, the bunting is out and I now have some cooking to do! Lets all pray for no rain huh!!


Louise said...

Congrats on being debt free again!

karen said...

Well done. I'm really impressed :)

LisaClark said...

Thanx Louise and Karen - it's great to be debt free again, now all I have to do is work on saving my money.