Friday, 14 May 2010

Get Me To The Church On Time

Okay, so I booked my flights for the wedding and as we all know the earlier you book the cheaper the ticket. I chose the dates so that I had a good week and a half before the wedding date it's self for any re wedding get together's and all of that. When lo and behold I get a phone call from my Mum to tell me that dates have changed and he's now getting married at the beginning of October and not the end! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!
The travel agent calmly tell me that to change the ticket it will cost me £150 - each way!! Okay there is no way I want to pay £300 more for my already purchase air fare, so that means I will have to keep the return section of my flight and change the departing section. All in all it means the ticket has cost me an extra £150 and I will have to stay for 7 weeks instead of the planned 4 weeks. Also, I will arrive at about 1:30am the day before the wedding so will be totally jet lagged for the wedding.
Now may be an extra three weeks holiday in New Zealand could be most peoples dream but I have just had a two month holiday at home in January and February of this year and besides I had such plans for this year as far as saving money for a house deposit. So that is all seriously screwed now!
Oh I love my brother but I could quite happy strangle him at the moment!

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