Monday, 28 September 2009


I have banked my pay cheque and it will not clear till Thursday morning but I have decided to update my charts today. I pay off the last of the debt I own on my credit card with this cheque, and that debt relates to the flight tickets I brought this year for my trip home. So it is not old debt that I have been paying off for years.

Next Monday I have an appointment with the nice folk at Her Majesties Revenues and Customs (HMRC), to check my 2008/09 Tax return. I have until the end of October to have the HMRC to assist me, after that I am on my own. Hopefully they will be okay with me to clear my arrears by the end of the month. If not then I can used my Flexi account as it is only for a few weeks.

It is weird how my Tax arrears arn't listed on my Credit Report - seeing how it was due by the 31st of July. The interest charge on the arrears is only 8% which is why I have left it till last.

So it is now all about taxes now - the arrears I own and what I owe for the current year. Still with the Labour government printing money like there is no tomorrow - I guess they need all the help they can get.

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