Saturday, 30 May 2009

News, Views And What About This Weather...

Well another week is almost over and we're having a wonderful weekend here in London. I was back in Richmond Park for my walk/jog around the park this morning and it was full of joggers, dog walkers, family picnics, cyclist and ramblers. Here's hoping for a glorious summer this year.
I still have £2.90 in my purse for this week which is very good going. On Friday I was meeting a friend for lunch and only had £9.60 left from my £5.00 a day plan. No credit card or debt card in my purse to fall back on, just £9.60 cash for a lunch in Richmond - not easy but I did it (with change too).
I have been reading lots of blogs this week and have taken a couple off my blog roll as they had stopped posting. And am very pleased that NCN is back giving sage advise on his weekly broadcasts. Lots of good news from PF bloggers some of whom have cleared their debt which is fab news. Cynthia and her family have cleared their debt and she has renamed her blog "The Grass is Greener". Way to go Cynthia!


Ashley said...

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LisaClark said...

Ashley all the info you need is on my blog. Thanx 4 the offer.

Lucy R said...

Hi Lisa!
I'm sorry, I've just realized you commented on my blog weeks ago and I never had a chance to visit your page! Thanks for the words of encouragement! I hope we can become better blog friends in the future! (even though work is allowing me little time to update as often as I'd like to!) I would love to add your blog's link on my blog if you will link me back! :)
-Lucy R

Debt Dieter said...

Can you believe I was in Richmond on the 31st of May? Spooky! We'd spent the day at Kew Gardens, and then ended up at the Slug & Lettuce down by the river, sitting in the sun with drinks - heaven!

LisaClark said...

That is a bit spooky!! lol
I have found over the years that it really is a small world. In Chicago I bumped into the lady who worked at my local NZ post office and also met a guy who had attented the same wedding in NZ as me some years earlier. Met some of my younger brothers friends on the London underground. Also bumped into a girl I knew from Chicago while on a bus when I was living in LA. Heaps of stories like that!