Thursday, 5 February 2009

Remembering Africa!!

With interest rates tumbing here in the UK - that 14% African rate looks just too good to be true!

Fun, friendship and uniforms? Well two out of three isn't bad - a Ugandan Compassion project.

These guys are really proud of their home made foot ball and asked me to take this picture of it!

When you think you have it hard - take another look at someone else and then count your blessings! (And when you have done that - look at what you can do to help someone else)

A picture is worth a thousand words isn't it! And helping out one child sounds really great when your at home - when I got to Kenya there were just hundreds who really needed help. Have you thought about sponsoring a child? Why don't you stop thinking about it and just do it!


Laura @ no more spending said...

I did this last year - prompted by a post on your blog and on frugal's blog - best thing I ever did. Thank you for kicking me into action :)

Super Careo said...

I have a little boy that I sponsor through World Vision. It does make me feel wonderful to know that I am doing something to help someone who doesn't have the privileges that I have had my whole life.

The one thing that I feel bad about: I am horrible about sending letters. I really need to get on it!

LisaClark said...

I too am really bad with writing letter to my kids but they really do love getting letter. When I do write I include stickers and/or postcards and photos. These kids really have nothing - the little girl I sponsor in Uganda can fit all her belongings into a little tin trunk. Even half the toys etc. I had as a child wouldn't fit into that trunk.
And Laura, I am so please that you have become a sponsor! It really is a joy to help other.

Jerry said...

I love the pics. What an inspiration. My wife and I feel very strongly that giving back is insurance for humanity. If we don't feel an obligation to love and care for each other who are we really? May your post and pics lead others to do the same.