Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Credit Cards - Chopped Or Iced?

Had to make a call regarding one of my credit cards today as two strange transactions had appeared on my pending statement. They were only for smallish amounts of £8 and £15 but as I haven't used the card since I got back from Turkey and I have never been to Luton, I decide to find out.
I have never had to do this before and am now waiting for some forms to come in the post to apply for a refund on the transactions. As an extra precaution I have also stopped the account and will be sent a new card in the post which I shall cut up on it's arrival. Can't they just let us have the option of having a new card sent or not, as we choose. I guess they'd rather we had the card and fall into temptation. I was bad I know, as the only reason I had the card was because the old one had expired so they sent me a new one and I didn't get rid of it when it arrived. I favour the "chop it up" approach but some like the "freeze it in a block of ice" approach.
What do you do? What's your approach to the little piece of plastic?

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