Sunday, 4 May 2008

New Mobile: Deal Or No Deal?

Okay I had a weak moment last weekend and am now the owner of a brand new mobile phone and a brand new 18 month phone contract with Orange.
I know, I know, I should have just said "No" but I didn't and well I still haven't gotten the thing up and running yet anyway. So I have either been majorly ripped off and brought a fake dude and need to phone my bank or they just don't answer activation calls on the weekend?
Tomorrow will tell me soon enough I guess.
The "too good to miss deal" was for a £5.00 a month phone contract with 850 free phone minutes and 400 free texts a month. The only hang up was you had to pay £40.00 a month and every third month you have to send in your last three statements to get a refund of £105.00 from Orange. And this had to been done within 14 days of the date on third, sixth, ninth (etc.) statement .
The new phone that comes with the package is Oranges Tokyo mobile phone with all the lights and whistles for such a small phone.
Now I am not bother about the phone really as I don't have a close relationship with my other two mobile phones, which are both pay-as-you-go and my budget for my mobiles is only about £10 a month. So the thought of cutting the cost by half per month seemed really good at the time. I could get the statements back in time for the refund cheque (which I could then x-fire but that's another story).
Well the contract I have in writing is for £4.99 a month and I get 850 minutes but only 300 texts per month. Now the chances of me sending 300 texts in a year are pretty much nil, so to do so in a month is a joke but I am cross that I was told 400 and now it is only 300.
The rest of the contract is the same as I have describe, so tell me.... deal or no deal?

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