Saturday, 15 March 2008

Mid Month Update

Looking at my month by month debt figures since last June shows a steady downward tread, which is wonderful but I seem to have gotten stuck at the twelve thousand mark and don't seem to have have move from it since December. This is not so good and is getting me down a little. I really need to up the anti, as I have to start getting some extra monies put aside for my holiday in May which will be a full three weeks off work. I will need to cover all my direct debit payments and other monthly expenses for that time.
I really had planned to have my debts down to under ten thousand by now but the best laid plans and all that! Next weekend is Easter so I will get extra monies for working through, that will be a great help as I am taking a weekend off in the beginning of April to do this seminar I have spent so much money on. Would love to get some one to come with me for the three days but all my friends are either working or have kids. They can't afford or are unable to take the time off and so, they can't come and aren't really that interested in buying property. House prices in the South East of the UK are sky high - who can afford a mortgage and a family?
One thing that is looking good is that by August all my bank loans will be paid in full. Okay, so I transferred most of one loan onto a credit card but that was to reduce interest charges. Still, either way I am please to know that I have not re consolidated my loans with my credit cards as I have done in the past.
At the end of the month I will be under twelve thousand which will be an achievement of sorts.
The March challenge I have taken up (see my February post) has been quite good, not perfect mind, as I did spend 0.95p on a smoothie drink last Sunday. That has been my only slip so far and at times it has been an effort not to just stop in at Costa for a latte, or at the village bakery which always smells so divine when I walk past. I am sure I have saved myself some money but could only guess how much. It's not showing up on the scales yet which is a drag.

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