Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A Credit Crunch Surprise

Although toady's Daily Telegraph is full of the upcoming budget I am sure that the end to the 'Credit Crisis' would have been mentioned?
Why do I ask this?
I have just noticed that my credit card balance limit has been increased by £1000.00, something which has happened since I transferred a large balance onto the card last week. I haven't received anything in the post to advise me that is was going to happen, which is the banks usual practice. And as we are in a 'Credit Crisis' and loans, mortgages etc, are getting harder to come by why are they increasing my credit card limit?
I contacted Experian last week and did checked my latest credit score - WOW it is up 185 points and that doesn't yet take into account the fact I am back on the electro roll. Mind you the report didn't list all my open debit accounts so I don't know if they are even taken into account. It's £5.95 a pop to view your credit score - which is daylight robbery as far as I am concerned. So I will wait a month or two and see then if there is any further changes.
But at the moment it seems my credit is very good - crisis or not.

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